Happenings In & Around Port Loring Ontario Canada

Good Morning:  Well nice looking day out there this morning.  Hope everyone had a great St Patrick’s Day.  This morning waking up temperatures were sitting at -8.3 C | 17.06 F.

Forecast For Today:  Unsettled, probably improving.

Snow Report:  No snow accumulations over night.  Could see a bit tonight and into tomorrow.

Highway Report:  Highway 522 is bare and dry today which will make travelling quite nice.  Especially with the sun shinning down upon us.

Ice Fishing Times:  This morning the old weather stick is saying that the best times to be out there will be from 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM.  I give it a 5 fish rating out of 5 for catching a few.  Good Luck!

Around Town:  I see in the news the wind farm has been stopped in Mattawa.  My own personal opinion is that it’s for the best.  I can’t see our money,taxpayers money, being paid out for something that costs us money.  Not to forget the effects it would have had on Nature. There are a lot better avenues out there where our money should be going.  That’s the problem today, so much waste. Big ideas never being thought out.  As I say, my opinion only.  So with that it’s tea time here.  Corn Silk tea is my choice this morning.  Great for bringing on happiness, strength and contentment.   In reality what more could a person ask for?  Enjoy your day.  You can reach me at [email protected]

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