Morning Information For Port Loring Ontario

Good Morning:  Well once again it is a bit cloudy.  Temperatures were and have been quite nice for sleeping.  Waking up temperatures were sitting at, 16.9 C | 62.42 F. Will warm up some as the day moves forward.

Forecast For Tuesday: Changeable, mending a bit later on. Should see some sunshine in a bit and it will remain with us for the remainder of the week.  I would say it is going to be the nicest week so far this summer.

Bug Report:  Great days are upon us.  Hardly any bugs annoying folks.  Pretty well go or do anything one chooses to do outside.  Nice to be able to sit out all day long and take in what Nature has to offer. My kind of weather.

Highway Report:  Major Highways have been quite busy nearing the weekends.  Highway 522 is a great route for those interested in taking in Nature.  Few critters showing up on the sides of the Highway and a few making their way across.  Care should be taken if out driving.  Great day to travel.

Fishing Times:  This morning the old weather stick along with gathered data is saying that the best times to be out there with pole in hand will be from 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM.  Then again later on from 4:30 PM – 8:00 PM.  I give it a 3 fish rating this morning for catching a few and a 4 fish rating out of 5 this afternoon.  Winds this morning are coming in from the North at 0.8 m/s | 2.88 km/h | 1.79 mph.  Good Luck!

Around Town:  Been quite busy at our small store this week.  Lots of new faces with lots of folks dropping by  for items of choice. Also my wife’s paintings this year has been selling quite well.  Lots of folks from Toronto, and Southern Ontario making their way into our area to have a look see.  First week in August and about half of her paintings have been sold along with her painted cards with different scenes. On another note gardens are still quite dry and in need of some more rain but looks like we have had all that we are going to have for a spell.  Could see a sprinkle today but the amount will be far from what we need.  So looks like some watering will have to be done in the coming days.  Been eating tomatoes for the past few days fresh out of the garden.  Have to say they sure are tasty.  Skins are a touch thick this year caused by the hot dry weather.  With that going to head off for my morning tea, turmeric is my choice this morning.  I been battling a bout of psoriasis for the past couple months, on my shoulders, arms, legs and now in my hair and elbows, not pleasant to say the least.  So itchy one can hardly stand it.  I have been trying to seek out some Jewel Weed to see if it helps but so far can’t seem to find any. If anyone sees any and is in our area I would sure appreciate you cutting me some or letting me know where it is.  Also would like to hear of anyone that has had this problem and was able to bring it under control.  Have a great day.                                                                                      Inquiries:  [email protected]

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