Information For Port Loring

Good Morning:  Bit of rain through the night.  Temperatures have cooled off some sitting at  13.6 C | 56.48 F.  Great weather for sleeping.

Forecast For Tuesday: Mostly very unsettled weather today.  Things will get a bit brighter come Thursday.

Bug Report:  Things are good with not to much annoying folks these days.

Highway Report:  Highway 522 is quiet. Highway 11 & 69 are a touch busy with traffic heading south.  Sign of the times I suppose.

Fishing Report:  Fishing is getting better these past few days.  Will continue to get better as the month of September nears.  Today the old weather stick is saying that the best times to be out there will be from 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM.  Then once again from 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM.  I give it a 3 fish rating out of 5 for catching a few.  Had a chap yesterday drop by showing me his catch of the day.  Couple nice bass and one really nice pickerel.  The pickerel would go around 4 pounds by looking at it.  He was sure smiling.

Around Town:  Well I am happy I got most my outside work done up for the year. Just in time too with this rain moving in.  Now steadily working on the inside, not that it really needs it, just that my wife likes change.  Gardens are doing well these days.  My wife did up a few jars yesterday and now will put the remainder into meals for winter.  Can’t beat that.  So with that tea time here, then see what the day has in store for us.  Stay dry.  Inquirers:  [email protected]

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