One More Story (My Favourite Pass Time)

My Favourite Pass Time

One of my favourite pass times over the years has been fishing. Doesn’t take much for me to drop what I am doing and head out on the water in hopes of pulling in a nice Pickerel or large mouth Bass. Especially if my friend Barry is available.
I don’t have anything fancy in the way of a boat, 14 foot deep wide aluminium with a 35 HP Johnston Motor. Older one brought over into Canada from the USA many years ago. The only thing I had to do was install a new steering cable as the old ones were about finished along with a touch of fresh paint.
For a pole I have one that my Dad bought for me in Florida many years ago. Just the right length for my boat along with having the right flex for pulling in the big ones. The reel was an old Shakespeare but the bearings went in it so bought a new Abu Garcia. No special reason other than it feels good and casts nice. Put a lot of fish in the boat with it over the years.
The one item if asked about, that is important would be the net. Over the years I have had numerous types mostly the netted type. Reason being that was all that was out there. Today though we have an assortment to choose from.
I never really paid it much attention till one day I hooked onto a nice size pike. Problems arose with the three hook lure getting tangled up in the net. Took me about a half an hour to get it out of the net and in doing so snagged my one finger. With that in mind I decided to look into what they had in the way of new nets.
After a bit of research I bought a Lucky Strike Basket Net Double rubber-coated to protect the scales of the fish as well as extra protection from hook tangles which is what I need. After that getting the fish and hooks from the net was a breeze.
I didn’t invest a whole pile of money buying lures, tackle boxes and things. For most parts I use live bait hooked onto simple different coloured lures. I do though have a few with my favourite being the many assortments of Cotton Cordell’s. Great lure which has sure caught the attention of many a fish.
Places I like to fish occur over a shoal and drop off areas. Seems the fish browse these areas more so than others. For years I used a small pail filled with cement with a hook attached onto the top. With it hooked to a rope I could easily drop it down into the water to find bottom. Over the years I have now found a number of places that the fish like to hang out and there isn’t too many days out fishing that I don’t hook onto a few.
New things now have come into view for finding the fish, shoals and drop off spots. Like the fish finder. I have to say I do have one bought for me by my sons one Christmas. Karl & Craig. Great item as long as I keep a supply of fresh batteries handy.
One last item that probably not many have on hand is a hook sharpener. The type I have is called, EZE-LAP S Pen Type Sharpener. Slips right into one’s shirt pocket, easy to get at. Nothing worse than out fishing with a hook that isn’t sharp. More fish have been lost from something as simple as that.
To finish things off I would like to share this quote that hangs outside our front door.
An old fisherman lives here…with the catch of his life.

In Closing I Would Like To Wish You Well.


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