George’s Daily Post Nov. 15

Good Morning:  Nice looking day shaping up here in Port Loring Ontario.  Temperatures waking up were sitting at: 2.3 C | 36.14 F.  Forecast for today is saying Snowy early, improving as the day moves forward.  Also should see some sunshine which will make one feel better.

Pain Related To Weather: Today the weather will be quite beneficial to those that have some body aches and pains.  Great day to get outside and soak up some sunshine.  Do that and no Flu shot needed.

Hunting Times:  Today hunting will be quite good.  I give it a 5 our of 5 rating for seeing a few.  Times to be out there will be from 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM.  Then once again a bit later on from 2:00 PM – 7:30 PM.  Last day of rifle season.  Good Luck!

Snow Report:  Had a bit of snow yesterday but melted through the night with temperatures rising.

Highway Report:  Highway 522 is bare and dry throughout and travelling will be good today.  Great day to head off to town or where ever.

Around Town:  For myself I am taking things easy these days.  With hunting behind me the old mind now resides on other things.  Like planting my garlic for next summer.  I also planted some tulips and mums I had kicking around.  Will see how they make out come spring.  Amazing really how fast time goes by.  Christmas isn’t far off.   With that will head on off for my morning tea.  Orange pekoe this morning with a touch of turmeric.  Good for what ails you along with a nice taste.  That is if you like turmeric. Enjoy your day and stay safe.

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