George’s Daily Post For Nov. 20/2015

Good Morning:  Cloudy morning waking up here in Port Loring Ontario.  Also got a few flurries taking place.  Still a bit to warm for it to stay, but it is a sign of what’s to come.  Temperatures were sitting at 1.3 C | 34.34 F.  Won’t warm up much more than that.  Could see a bit of sunshine off and on.  Tomorrow though we could see some accumulation of snow for the first time, as there is a system going through our area that has some white stuff tied to it.

Pain, Colds & Flu Related To Weather:  Today the weather won’t help or will it hinder.  It’s just going to set there and let things look after their-selves.   Kind of different in some respects.

Road Report:  Highway 522 is wet with a bit of ice forming in certain areas.  Travelling will still be good but care should be taken.

Hunting Information:  Today isn’t the greatest day for hunting. Be it camera or Bow.  I give it a 2 Buck rating out of 5 for seeing a few.  Good Luck and stay safe.  Especially if out there alone.

Snow Report; We are having some flurries as I stated above.  They will become more pronounced as the temperatures drop through the night and into tomorrow.   Colder weather is moving into our area.

Around Town:  Not to much to report here on this fine Friday morning.  Most folks are looking forward to the weekend which is the way folks has been programmed over the years by our Powers To Be.   Amazing how some believe everything that these so called Powers say is correct.  I myself listen but go my own way.  I know about their deviousness and won’t be subjected to what they are trying to say or do.  Something to think about my friends.  With that tea time here Chaga mixed with a touch of Dandelion is on the menu this morning.  Great drink to increase appetite and strength, physically and mentally.  Enjoy your day!

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