Pictures From The Sunny South Dec 9/2015

Wife and I were out browsing and took a few pictures.  Thought I would share.  Temperatures are perfect.  Canadian Dollar is outrageous.  But such is life.  Not letting it bother us.   Too nice a country for that.  And hey it’s almost Christmas.  Hard to get in the mood though with temperatures being up near 80.  HA HA

IMG_9165 IMG_9165 IMG_20151205_114357901 IMG_20151205_114405618 IMG_20151205_115143867 IMG_20151205_115233729 IMG_20151205_115508867 IMG_20151206_122806371 IMG_20151206_122835437 IMG_20151206_122847267 IMG_20151206_122901421 IMG_20151206_122923472 IMG_20151206_122944428 IMG_20151206_122955751 IMG_20151206_123024371 IMG_20151206_123038479 IMG_20151206_123236762 IMG_20151206_123328756 IMG_20151206_123438731 IMG_20151206_123504352 IMG_20151206_123515113 IMG_20151206_123520957 IMG_20151206_123541037 IMG_20151206_123553948 IMG_20151206_123610789 IMG_20151206_123642382 IMG_20151206_123723954 IMG_20151206_123746034 IMG_20151207_122102661 IMG_20151207_125845255 IMG_20151207_130507377 IMG_20151207_130519234 IMG_20151207_130609547 IMG_20151207_130620700 IMG_20151207_130658298 IMG_20151208_112704858 IMG_20151208_112804162 IMG_20151208_112809099 IMG_20151208_112837352 IMG_20151208_114839608

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