A Bit On Restaurants

Restaurants. Here is an place that I am sure that most of us stop at now and then.  Some more than others.  For myself I don’t get to eat out to much but every so often when I head into North Bay or down to see my other son in St Catharines we do enjoy a meal or two out.  Look forward to it.  I won’t mention any names here this morning as this blog isn’t meant to bring on pain to a person or business.  But after yesterday’s event I just had to say a few words.  First off I figure restaurants are like a cold or the flu.  If your sick you should stay home and not pass your sickness around.  At a restaurant if you can’t cook then you shouldn’t be passing food around as folks could get sick.  Anyways.  I had to have some tests done yesterday, had to fast and things and by the time I had this looked after my wife and I were starving. So we picked on an establishment that has been in business for a good many years.  Walking in music was playing and had a cozy feeling which we enjoy.  Ordered a simple meal with eggs over easy, two strips of bacon extra crispy, home fries with a touch of onions. They asked which kind of toast we would like and my wife said rye.  I myself took wheat.  Food came to the table and just by looking at it I knew right away we were in trouble.  First off the potatoes were so old they looked green and tasted even worse. Along with that they cooked them in lard or some kind of grease that tasted just terrible burned black almost.  Onions were half cooked and again covered with a type of grease that would choke a horse.  Toast was burned and no flavor.  Eggs were not cooked hardly at all covered with slime.  Then to top it off at the end of the meal which we didn’t eat they gave us a bill.  On the bill they even charged us an extra 49 cents for the rye bread the wife had.  Couldn’t believe it.  They did ask what we thought of the meal and me I just nodded.  Wrong move on my wife’s part as she said. “Would you really like the truth?”  They got it.  Nicely of course.  With that they didn’t offer to return our money and we left the meal sitting on the table pretty well as they served it.   Will we return.  Not even if I was starving which actually I was on that fine morning.  So thought I would share a bit of our day in North Bay Ontario.  My Opinion on the whole thing.  Folks if you can’t cook don’t open a restaurant.  The rest of the day was fine had a good time. GW

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