Port Loring Ontario’s History 1920s

Here is another picture taken many years ago here in Port Loring Ontario.  Gives one an idea of what things looked like many years ago.  The picture shows the  Back View Of Old Hall, Kirton’s House, Kelcey’s House & Kelcey’s Store. Taken From The Church Steps On West Road 1920’s. Notice the old boardwalks.

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Back View Of Old Hall, Kirton's House, Kelcey's House & Kelcey's Store. Taken From The Church Steps On West Road 1920's


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  1. Hello, My mother’s sister (Erla Stephens) married Charles Simms from the Simms family, turn of the 20th century pioneers in Port Loring or Loring from Germany. I believe they changes their name from Siems to Simms. I have a picture of the barn the family built when they came to Canada in that area. It was taken in 1987 with Amelia Simms Noble (Charles’ sister) standing in front of it. She was sister to Charles and passed away not long after the picture was taken. I would love to donate it to the society if there is interest in it. Just let me know

    1. Hi Joyce, nice to hear from you. In regard to the picture you have, I have over the years gathered numerous items relating to Port Loring in the early days. I am putting everything together, and once I find a reputable place to put all this information, I will do so. I am working on finding a place where everyone can see these things. I have one in mind, but have to look into it further. If you like you can send me the picture at George Walters Box 38 Port Loring Ontario P0H1Y0 and I will put it with all the things I have so far. Angus & George Lee were the owners of our home at one time and gave me hundreds of pictures, invoices and things from the olden days, along with a lot of the old maps of our area. So it is a nice collection that I am sure a lot of people would like to see. But as I say… I am working on finding a good place to display them. It’s up to you. Anyway you take care. George Walters

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