Brown Eyes Written By: George Walters

One of my very first stories, written and published many years ago. I hope you enjoy it.

Brown Eyes

 It was a cold day and snow had just started to fall.  Reg had gone away on business for a few days and before he left he told me to take care of things, that I was the man of the house while he was gone.  It always made me feel good when he talked to me like that.
I was busy working away in the barn feeding the horses when I heard Laura calling me from outside.
“I think we might be going to get a new addition to the barn tonight.  I noticed this morning that one old cow looked like she is about ready to give birth.  Figures too, she said, “Reg being away an all.”
“I sure don’t know much about that part of farming,” I told her.”
She just smiled an said,  “Most times they handle it all on their own.”  With that Laura helped me finish up with the chores and we headed on into the house for supper.
After supper Laura said, “It’s going to be a nasty night with the way that snow is coming down.  I think we had better go and bring them cows in for the night.”
After our meal settled a bit, we went out to the pathway that the cows used each morning to get to the fields and Laura hollered at the cows.  Hard to believe but she would just give them a call and they would come right to the barn, all in single file.  We got them all in the barn and Laura noticed one was missing.
“Darn she said, I just had a feeling that cow was going to be a problem tonight. Never fails, Reg being away, something always has to happen.  Well get your big coat on George and let’s go see what’s become of her.”
The wind had picked up and the snow was really coming down.  It blew so hard we could hardly see where we were going and boy was it cold. Took us a bit to find the old cow and when we did she was laying on her side.
“I think she is having a hard time with her new calf, Laura said.  You move up to her head and keep her calm while I see if I can find out what the problem is.”                            I knew she was doing something down at the other end but if the truth be known, I didn’t want to know.
In a few minutes Laura said,  “Well, that calf wants to come out the wrong way.  If that happens we could lose the cow and the calf.  I got to try to turn it around. You try to keep her from getting up and I will see what I can do.”
I looked back at Laura and her face was covered with snow, she was blinking trying to see what she was doing as the snow and wind whipped around her face. “Got it turned,” she said and I could see a big smile on her face. “Should be okay now.”  We both stayed with the old cow and in a few minutes we were watching a wobbly legged critter trying to stand on its own, in the cold night air.
“Lets see now if we can get this old cow to follow us to the barn, Laura said. You take the calf by the ears George, lead him and if we are lucky the Mother will follow.” Sure enough she did and off we went to the barn, but only to find the calf couldn’t or didn’t want to walk in the cold.  With Laura’s help we picked her up and carried her the rest of the way.  We were sure tired when we got there. While Laura put the cow in her pen, I went up to the hay mow and got some fresh straw for the new calf to lay on.
“Lot better in here huh?” I asked the calf. She looked up at me with them big brown eyes and I just melted. We put the straw down and watched them for a bit. The old mother licked her new-born clean and then laid down. The calf did the same and they both looked exhausted, but contented.
Well said Laura, “How about you and I get in out of this weather and have a piece of apple pie and some hot chocolate?”
“Sounds darn good to me, I said and off we went.
Lots of things happened on the farm like that, but no matter what problem occurred, they were handled, they had to be. This was a woman for sure, a country woman, not complaining for an instant.  In closing I would like to wish you well.  GW


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