French’s to open new Canadian plant

This is also good news for all my farmer friends that are still growing tomatoes.  How this all came about is that some of the people here in Canada took a notion to stand up for what is right. We do have the power to change things, just most choose to sit back and do nothing.
The Canadian Press
Published Friday, June 3, 2016 6:08AM EDT

French’s says all the ketchup it sells in Canada will now be bottled here as well as being made from local tomatoes.

The U-S-based company has partnered with Toronto’s Select Food Products to build a new manufacturing plant that’s expected to be up and running early next year.

It is also expanding its partnership with Highbury Canco, which sources and packages the tomatoes used in French’s Canadian ketchup at its facility in Leamington.

French’s ketchup has soared in popularity in Canada after its competitor, Heinz, closed its Leamington plant and put about 750 people out of work.

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