Salt Is Good For You

I have been saying this for years that salt is a good thing in ones diet not a bad thing.  As our body needs salt to survive.  Years ago we used to have salt tablet dispensers in the work place for those that worked hard.  Reason being that when one sweats he looses salt at a drastic rate. Loosing salt one gets weak and opens up the door for other problems.  I will say this though that one should eat only good raw salt not the white salt that most find in the stores today.  Pink Sea Salt is a good choice. When bought it is moist and needs to be dried and ground.  Here is the article that came out today.

Headlines declared the news this week that low-sodium diets don’t benefit health. The stories were based on a new study in the Lancet that concluded cutting back on sodium doesn’t improve health for most and that it may, in fact, increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. The findings run counter to messages repeated for years by groups like the World Health Organization and the Heart and Stroke Foundation: that the vast majority of us consume too much sodium and it’s contributing to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and other health problems. They also highlight an increasingly contentious battle between the health experts who advocate for sodium reduction and the small but vocal group of researchers who say big decreases aren’t a good idea.

One thought on “Salt Is Good For You”

  1. my daughter in law buys pink sea salt and when she put it on the table I was shocked – I thought it was for the bathtub ! lol never to old to learn something new

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