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Well been quite a year for my wife and I here in Port Loring.  Customers & friends have been steadily stopping by our small store all summer.  Great to see them and have a bit of a chat.  I have to say this past year has been the busiest since we moved here 13 years ago.  Amazing how time flies.  And to add to that, all have been great years.  Made some good friends over the years too.  This winter we decided to not go to Florida as I have a lot of orders for my Flutes which I have been making for over 30 years.  It is a challenge filling my orders, as each Flute takes a great amount of time to make.  For years I have strive to better my Flutes, along with coming up with my own scale of music that can be played on them.  For most parts Native American Flutes play a peaceful array of sounds.  That is fine but I wanted something different, something more, something better.  I have always said a person can ride along on the shoulders of others, but if they want to be known for years to come they have to climb down and take back the reigns.  Which I have done.  As of this year I have invented a new Flute that is all together different than the old Native American Flute.  We have come up with a name which is called FlutureFlute. It in all essence is a Flute of the Future, there is none like it anywhere.  It has the same features, sort of, as the old ones, but the looks and cosmetics along with the Pentatonic Scale has changed.  It sings like no other Flute but yet one can still play the old scales if needed.  As I say it took me years to come up with a scale of music that this flute can play.  Then to design the flute so that scale can be played and sound fantastic took some doing.  But in the end, all paid off and I am sure in the coming days, months and years it will be one great Flutureflute.

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