A Christmas Story, Just For You!!

The True Meaning Of Christmas

Written By: George Walters

“Laura, Christmas to me just doesn’t have that special feeling any more. It seems that the feelings I am looking for can’t be found. I have tried and tried but for some reason I just can’t find that special feeling that I am lookin for.”

“You know George, maybe, you are searching for the true meaning of Christmas. I’ll make you a deal, there is five days left till Christmas, I want you to go on a hunt, search for the true meaning of Christmas and bring it back to me. If for some reason you can’t find it, well I will then tell you, as I have found it in my travels through life. Hows that for a deal? But you have to really search, you have to look hard and I will let you in on one bit of advice, the true meaning of Christmas is where you least expect it, that’s where it will be hiding. Find it George and bring it back to me, that will be my gift on Christmas morning.”

Well the next morning I headed off to school as usual but with the thought of finding the meaning of Christmas on top of the list. Through out the day I watched and listened to the other kids of what they thought Christmas was all about.

“Presents said James, lots of presents.”

“Santa Clause said Mary, he is the true meaning of Christmas.”

“Food said Sandra, lots of good food, like cake, candy and a big goose with all the trimmings at the table when supper time arrives.”

“Friends said, a new girl in the second grade, lots of friends,when I moved here I never had any one to talk to, yep friends that’s it.”

“How about a Christmas tree said Patricia, can’t forget that, the Christmas Tree has to be the true meaning of Christmas written all over it, it just has to be.”

Well the days wore on and I kept asking folks and listening but for some reason I just couldn’t find that special feeling that I was looking for. I knew Laura said she would tell me if I couldn’t find it but she asked me to bring it back to her as her gift. I just couldn’t let her down, I just couldn’t.

I know, old Grey Wolf, my very best friend, he would know, he knows everything, I will go and visit him.

I found Grey Wolf sitting oh his porch with a big thick blanket wrapped around his shoulders.

“Why aren’t you in the house where it’s warm?” I asked.

“Well, I knew you were coming and thought I would sit here and wait for you, that is what friendship is all about isn’t it?”

“I suppose it is.”

“Something is bothering you, I can see it in your eyes, what has got such a young boy so upset that he comes to see his friend on a stormy day like this?”

“Christmas, Grey Wolf, I made a deal with Laura that I would bring back the true meaning of Christmas and that would be her gift”

“That is some gift young one, that is surely some gift.”

“Do you know what the true meaning of Christmas is, do you?”

“Yes I know what it is, it hides in a place that no one looks.”

“Will you tell me, please tell me so I can take it back to Laura, please.”

“I can’t do that old friend, that is something that you will have to do all on your own. I will say this though, find a warm-quiet place and listen and watch, I think you will then find what you are looking for.”

I didn’t know what to do it was Christmas Eve and time was running out. Back at home I headed on over to the barn to do my chores. I took down some hay, fed the cows, chickens and the Clyde’s and then put down some fresh straw so they would all be warm on this bitter cold night.

I then took a pail of Oats from the oat bin for my horse Jennie and sat down on some straw in her pen. It was warm sitting there.

“Jennie I asked, “Do you know the true meaning of Christmas?” Knowing fully well she couldn’t answer me. With them few words a feeling came over me, I looked up and watched all the young animals as their mothers drew them closer to her body so that they would be warm. I then looked up at Jennie, her big brown eyes just seemed to melt me and I swore I seen a tear run down her cheek. Her head dropped onto my shoulder and at that moment it came to me, I know what the true meaning of Christmas is. I found it, it was hiding right here under my nose all the time.

With that I gave Jennie a hug, said goodnight to all the critters and ran as fast as I could to the old farm house though the deep snow. Laura was by the wood stove baking a pie.

“Laura! I know what it is.”

“You know what George? What are you talking about?”

“I know what the true meaning of Christmas is.”

“You do and what would that be?”

“Love Laura, love that’s the true meaning of Christmas and that’s my gift to you.”

Laura looked down at me with tears in her eyes, “Your right she said and what a gift it is. Now how a piece of this pie that I just made and a cup of hot chocolate to wash it all down.” “Sounds good to me, I said.

And to all my readers, I would like to say this. May all your Christmas’s be filled with love and kindness and Merry Christmas to all.

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