Nice Poem Written For Us Snowbirds

Slowly the snowbirds are returning
You can watch them come back one by one
Unloading their cars or motor homes
So they can relax and have some fun.

Very soon the roads will be a nightmare
And the restaurants will be jam packed!
It will be shoulder to shoulder at Publix
But they still keep coming back.

They don’t care if Wal-Mart is crowded
They don’t get mad if the traffic is slow
They don’t complain about the long lines at Winn Dixie
They say, “it’s better than shoveling snow.”

They love the Florida sunshine
And a suntan is first on their list
They brought lots of shorts and sunscreen
And you can bet their winter coats won’t be missed!

They ride on their carts or their bicycles
Or by the poolside they can be found
Then off to the sales at Macy’s
Then to an early-bird dinner they’re bound.

They are always coming or going
Doing all they can do in one day!
It’s shuffleboard, horseshoes or golfing
Or learning to paint a picture in a day.

They play cards or plan a potluck dinner
They go fishing or to the beach for the day
Sometimes they go to the Clubhouse
So they can dance the night away.

It’s so much fun to watch them
Planning for a cruise or two
It’s just one great big vacation
For the snowbirds just passing through.

But one day soon they’ll be packing
To make the trip up north once more
And the memories they made will have to do them
Until they come back again and make more.

So may the Good Lord bless the snowbirds
When their time to leave grows near
May they enjoy good health and happiness
Until they come back again next year.
Haines City


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