Good Morning Port Loring

Well, what can I say? It’s cold outside once again. Temperatures waking up was sitting at -17.2 C | 1.04 F. But there is solutions for days like today. How about a touch of Italian Brandy mixed with a cup of fresh perked coffee, a pair of fuzzy socks and a warm blanket. The only thing missing would be a good book, and I am writing such a book, it should be out this spring. My lovely wife and I have been working on it now for over two months. The name of the book will be, “Keep Turning Pages.”  It is chocked full of short stories. Close to a 100 if my mind holds true. There’s no better place to escape to after a long, cold and stressful day, than inside a good book. On another note, Highway 522 is partially bare, but there are some icy sections throughout. On the good side of things the sun is shinning this morning, which does make the day more inviting. Finally remember this. “Paradise doesn’t have to be tropical.” Have a great day! GW

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