Good Morning Port Loring

Well I thought we might get away without more snow, by the way it was looking last night before retiring for the evening, but waking up that wasn’t the case. This morning snow is really coming down and I would guess we had another four inches or so already. Temperatures waking up was -0.9 C | 30.38 F The good part is it isn’t as cold. I talked to my friend in Michigan and he was telling me it was 43 F / 6 C. He said it was warm enough to wash his old truck. Which is something that I need to do also, but it will have to warm up a touch more yet before I do mine. Highway 522 is snow covered. The plow has been through but the Highway isn’t great for traveling. I would recommend staying home. My lovely wife and I did manage to clean out our driveway yesterday. There was a good foot or more throughout, and by the looks of things this morning we will have to do it again. But not until it is all finished snowing. My wife made some muffins yesterday, so I am thinking a nice perked cup of coffee will taste good with one or two for breakfast. Have a great day! GW

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