Good Morning Port Loring

Hmm. I see it is a might cool waking up this morning. Temperatures getting out from under the sheets were sitting at -26.8 C | -16.24 F I had to push myself a wee bit to give up them nice warm covers. But the wood furnace needed another log so what’s to be is to be. The windows are ice covered which is another sign it is a touch cool. But on the bright side the sun is shinning this morning. With the sun shinning on the trees making the ice crystals glisten, and the mist in the air over the lakes, it sure is a pretty sight to see. Highway 522 is pretty well bare in town here. I would think it would be a fair day in a bit for traveling, if your in need of a few things in North Bay. My lovely wife and I did manage to get our driveway and decks cleaned up yesterday. I have to admit there was a lot of snow. In some places it was over 12 inches deep. But the snowblower made things easier. It’s a good blower one of the last ones Sears made I guess before their retreat from Canada. I had an older one which lasted me over thirty years. I don’t suspect this one will last that long, as they sure don’t make them like they used to. Some things are better like throwing the snow further, which is a plus, but for heavy duty cables and things the new ones aren’t as good. Not much you can do about it. With that I guess I will go and bug my lovely wife a bit and see what she has on the menu for breakfast. Have a great day and stay warm.

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