Good Morning Port Loring

Well what can I say., other than it is a bitter cold morning. Temperatures waking up were sitting at -29.2 C | -20.56 F This kind of weather makes a fellow want to stay in bed. But the wood furnace needs to be fed now and then. I did plug the car in early this morning so it should be warming up some if we decide to go somewhere. I am thinking next year I will buy a battery blanket that you can plug in as with this weather being so cold it takes a toll on it. Just an added feature that will save some money down the road I am thinking. Highway 522 is bare and dry but that will change later on tonight as they are calling for 1-3″ of snow. But on the bright side it is sunny this morning not that it is throwing off much heat. But it does make things more tolerable. With that have a great day and stay warm. GW

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