Good Morning Port Loring

Well it is sunny waking up, but the sun is far from being warm. Temperatures were sitting at -25.1 C | -13.18 F Today it will be mostly sunny and very cold. The cold will continue through tomorrow then start warming up a wee bit. Highway 522 is bare and dry so it will make traveling quite nice. Myself I will start up the snow blower and clean out the driveway. Not that it really snowed all that much, but with the high winds we had yesterday and the day before, kind of drifted over some parts. But in saying that I will wait for a bit till it warms up a touch at -25 is a bit cool for me to be out there. The secret to getting a bit older is to know your limits. With that I am heading off for my morning cup of coffee and chat to my lovely wife. Great way to start of the day. Stay warm! GW

It’s cold outside!!

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