The Wizard of Oz

Awhile back my wife took an order for an Early American Style Deacon’s Bench. I have made hundreds of these in the old woodworking shop over the years. It was made from white pine. It has a storage spot under the seat which is a lid. Sometimes I put the lid on the top of the seat, sometimes I put it in the front. Either way works just fine. Then to make it even nicer my lovely wife painted the characters from the Wizard of Oz on the top Rail. The customer was thrilled. GW

Latest Weather For Port Loring Ontario

For a change it isn’t that cold waking up. Temperatures were sitting at -10.8 C | 12.56 F They will rise above freezing as the day progresses, which should melt a bit of this snow. Highway 522 is bare and dry at this time so traveling for most of the day should be okay. They are calling for some rain mixed with ice and snow later on today and into tonight. It will depend on which way the storm tracks on how much we get. But it is that time of year when anything is possible weather wise. Today I think I might wash the car as it is a mess from going to North Bay. I hate looking out at it all covered with salt and calcium. The effects of these liquid materials on vehicles isn’t good these days. So with that I am off to have my breakfast and chat to my lovely wife. I will leave you with this. Why did the Canadian Geese stop flying to the north for the summer? You ready for this? It wasn’t worth their while for just one month. But hey! What do geese know anyways?