Good Morning Port Loring

So, to start things off the sun is shinning. It makes a fellow want to get of bed. There is nothing better than sunshine to greet you in the morning, other than maybe the color of green. Temperatures were sitting at -3.5 C | 25.7 F It will warm up to around 7 C/45 F later on once the sun warms things up a touch. Highway 522 is bare and dry once again which will make traveling good. Might be a good day to go to town for groceries and things as tomorrow it is going to rain. But it is needed to get rid of the snow and clean things up. Myself I think I will wash the car once again, and if I get real energetic, I might even vacuum the inside. Being such a nice day. So with that, have a great day. I am off for my breakfast and a cup of coffee with my lovely wife. GW

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