Severe Weather Alerts – Port Loring, Ontario

Let’s hope this mess passes us by.

Significant late season snowfall today and tonight.
Snow is expected to move into portions of Central Ontario this afternoon. Total snowfall accumulations of 10 to 20 cm are likely by Monday morning.
The heaviest snow is generally expected in a swath of regions from the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula towards Algonquin. Some areas immediately south of this swath may change over to rain for a period which would result in lesser snowfall accumulations.

There will also be a risk of freezing rain in some areas.

Good Afternoon

Well cloudy day here once again. But on the good side it isn’t that cold and the snow is melting rapidly. I would say it is about 90% gone. They are calling for some showers later on today which would help out things even more. Highway 522 is bare and dry at the moment. Temperatures are sitting at 3.1 C | 37.58 F On another note the Masters Tournament has been moved up, it started at 9:00 AM this morning as there is a storm in the area. This way the players have a good chance of finishing the final round. At the moment it is any ones game, as all players are playing some excellent golf. Great game one of the best I have seen. GW