Good Morning Port Loring Ontario Canada

Lots of sunshine waking up this morning. Temperatures were sitting at -3.1 C | 26.42 F Quite cool but it is supposed to warm up as the day moves forward. Highway 522 is bare and dry which will make driving nice. So, if you have somethings to pick up in the big city of North Bay it’s a go. Myself I don’t need anything so home is where I will be. I am thinking I might clean up a bit around the house as after our winter it is a mess. We still have a bit of snow but it should melt within the next couple days as we are supposed to get some warmer temperatures. Then it is calling for some rain off and on Thursday and Friday. But the long weekend is looking nice in our area. With that I am off for some breakfast and a cup of coffee while we wait for it to warm up a bit. GW

Looks good to me.

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