Good Morning port loring

Well another cloudy morning with some light showers. That will be the trend for most of the day and the same for tomorrow. It is possible some sunshine will break through today. Friday we should see some more sunshine. Temperatures waking up were sitting at 7 C | 44.6 F Highway 522 is bare so travelling should be good if you don’t mind the gloomy day. I prefer sunshine myself. On another note the Black flies have made their appearance. I managed to set outside for a bit yesterday, and they were there. It is that time of year I know, but I don’t like them. After them, it is the skeeters. Seems there is always something to keep us from enjoying the outdoors. If not snow, cold, rain, its them blood sucking parasites LOL. I am off for my morning coffee I have a busy day today.

Great way to start the day!

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