Good Morning Port Loring

Well we finally have a bit of sunshine waking up. Temperatures were still a touch cool at the time of this post 6.6 C | 43.88 F But it should warm up as the morning moves forward. Highway 522 is looking good so travelling will be fine. Great day to head on into North Bay for supplies or what ever you need. After the long weekend I am sure some things are dwindling. Myself I am going to take my mowers out of Hibernation and get them running, as by the looks all that green out there, I will have to mow it in another day or so. The black flies aren’t too bad this morning, but once it warms up some I am sure they will be annoying folks. I also need to weed my gardens, great time to be doing that before all the flowers are up and showing off. With that I am off for my morning coffee and then will let the day unfold around me. GW

Mighty tasty.

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