Good morning

We did wake up to some sunshine this morning but it is clouding over now. We will see showers today off and on and into tomorrow. I could use a wee bit for my vegetable garden we just planted as it would save me watering them all. After tomorrow, we should see some really nice weather and it looks like a great weekend is shaping up. About time, I am still burning oil to keep warm in the mornings. Temperatures waking up this morning were sitting at 9.9 C | 49.82 F. Highway 522 is good these days for travelling. Black flies and mosquitoes are out in droves, and they will continue to be with us for another week or so. Maybe longer if the weather doesn’t improve. What we need is for the Dragon Flies to enter into the picture as they do eat a ton of them blood sucking parasites. With that I am off for my morning cup of java and will see what the day has in store. GW

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