Good Morning Port LOring

We woke up to some sunshine but cool temperatures are still with us. A bit of heat this morning is still warranted. Just think two more months, and we are back into Fall temperatures. Makes Florida look that much better. Temperatures were sitting at 13.3 C | 55.94 F. It is supposed to warm up some as the day moves forward. Then Tomorrow, Friday and into Saturday, more clouds, cooler and showers. Today I am thinking I will mow my grass. Take advantage of the nice day. Gardens are growing pretty good in spite of the cool wet weather. We should be eating some fresh salads in a couple weeks. Tomatoes though will be held back a week or so this year. They like it hot with lots of water. Black Flies are still out in swarms along with the mosquitoes. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee. GW

Teaching the young how to mow grass.

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