Good morning Port Loring

Cool morning waking up with temperatures sitting at 10.1 C | 50.18 F. Still having to turn on the furnace in the morning to warm things up, so we are comfortable. Amazing and this is the middle of June. Today we will see some sunshine with clouds. Temperatures will warm up a wee bit. Tonight we can expect some more rain with temperatures dropping and cooler weather with a possible shower tomorrow. There are a few cars moving up and down the Highway these days and customers are slowly coming into our store. I can’t say I blame folks for staying home with these temperatures, and all the rain we been having. Then to top it off the black flies and mosquitoes. Let’s hope we have some nicer weather for July and August. We deserve it. Today I will do some more shop work, I put in a full day out there yesterday and got a lot done. Orders are still coming in which is a good thing. With that I am off for my morning coffee and will let the day unfold around me. GW

My first table saw. Worked great!

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