Rainy Day in Port Loring Ontario

Good morning! Well another rainy day here waking up. It is also quite cool and the furnace to keep us warm is perking away. You would almost think it is Fall. Black flies are still with us but being so wet the mosquitoes are outnumbering them. But that will change when the sun decides to come out. We should see some sunshine a bit later if things go to plan. Temperatures early in the day were sitting at 12.6 C | 54.68 F. Today being such a cool and rainy day I will be working away in my shop. I have lots to do, its just doing it. That is the one nice thing about getting older. I do what I want to do, not what others want me to do. Great way of life for sure. We earned it over the years, or maybe I should say, some of us did. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee. GW

What us men folks have to put up with.

Bell Internet Speed For Port Loring, Ontario, Canada

Bells Download Speed In Our Area Should Be: 5 Mbps

As of 9:00 AM June 15/ 2019 Our Speed Is

Another slow day for the Internet.

Ping ms
Download Mbps

Upload Mbps

Bell should be ashamed of themselves.