Good Morning Happy Father’s Day!!

For a change we have some sunny weather waking up here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Temperatures are a touch cool sitting at 10.6 C | 51.08 F. It will warm up some as the day progresses. I am also happy to report that we should be seeing some nice, warm, sunny weather all week. It’s about time. It will be a great day to take Dad out for Lunch or Supper being Father’s Day. Also, a great day for a drive. Black flies are still around but slowly leaving us. Mosquitoes are really annoying but with this warm sunny weather this week it should slow them down a lot. We can only hope. I went to the dump yesterday and loading the car I almost got eaten alive. Had to leave the window in the car open most of the way to suck them blood sucking parasites back outside. LOL. What can you do? Not much. Have a great day. Make it a great day. It’s all up to you. Happy Father’s Day!

Sounds good to me!!

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