Good Morning

Another cloudy morning here in Port Loring Ontario. Temperatures were sitting at 17.4 C | 63.32 F. We should see some sunshine as the day progresses and into tomorrow. We could have some rain again on Monday.. Black Flies are still with us a wee bit but for most parts they have left. Mosquitoes though are another story. Hard to get away from them blood sucking parasites. Today I will be working in the woodworking shop as orders are backing up a touch. Not complaining mind ya. Lots of folks have dropped by our gift shop since we opened last week. Great to see folks after the long winter. I would also like to thank the van load of girls that dropped by from Toronto last weekend. I hope you all enjoy our books, my wife’s paintings and the Flutes. If you are in need of any information regarding my Flutes or anything else, you all have my E-Mail. Thanks again for the great day. With that I am off for my morning coffee and will let the day unfold around me. GW

About right these days.