Good Morning Port Loring

Well rain was in the forecast for today but so far it’s been quite nice with sunshine waking me up. Temperatures were sitting at 18.1 C | 64.58 F. There is a chance of some showers later on and into tomorrow. So far we couldn’t have asked for a better long weekend. Even the mosquitoes are easing off with the black flies almost gone. Yesterday we had a really busy day at our store which kept my lovely wife and I hopping. Sold a few flutes and some paintings that my wife done up through winter. We also took a couple more sign orders so that will keep me busy cutting them out for the wife to paint. The vegetable garden is growing leaps and bounds with fresh lettuce salads on the table every day. Nothing like fresh produce. We also have had our first strawberries of the year. I don’t have a large patch, but we do get a quart daily. Amazing how sweet they are this year. They sure are tasty too. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and will see what develops as the day progresses. GW

Not a large patch but enough for two. Tasty

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