Good Morning Port Loring

We all woke up to sunshine this morning here in Port Loring. Should be no complaints weather wise. Temperatures were sitting at 14C/56F. It will warm up as the day progresses. Black Flies are almost all gone, but there is a few around in some areas. Mosquitoes are another story, as them blood sucking parasites are everywhere at the moment. The horse and deer flies are also bothering a person too. But hey! It’s summer and as bad as they are it is still a lot better than all that snow and cold weather we have had. On another note I would like thank Janet and Frank for dropping by on Sunday. I hope you enjoy your sign you ordered and your new Flute. You asked what you should do to the sign? Nothing just leave it the way it is and it will last for years. The Flute as good as it is now, will only get better as time goes by. Why? Because it is made out of air dried wood and as it ages things start to sound nicer. It’s kind of like a fine wine. The longer it ages the nicer it gets. That’s true too. With that I am off to my shop I have some orders to get ready. After that it is Front Porch Sittin’ time. Rough life huh! GW

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