Fishing Time Report


Major Times 3:00PM-6:00 PM

Minor Times 7:00 AM-9:00 AM

I have had a lot of folks ask me when I am going to start my fishing time report for the year. So here we go.

I suspect after the rain we had it might not be as good as expected this morning but should improve as the day moves forward. Good Luck!

Good Morning

No sunshine so far this morning in Port Loring Ontario Canada. But the good news is we did have a bit of rain which my vegetable garden needed badly. I think things grew a foot overnight. It never ceases to amaze me what Mother Nature can do. As hard as we try to do things, Mother Natures makes it look easy. Of course, she can cause havoc too if we aren’t prepared. Temperatures waking up were sitting at 21.7 C | 71.06 F. Actually quite warm for this early in the morning. We could see a couple of morning showers; otherwise, clouds will slowly leave us making way for some sun. We also have a nice breeze coming in from the 298 deg | WNW. On another note I will see about doing some mowing in a bit. The grass though has slowed down some which is fine by me. With that … I am for my morning cup of perked coffee and will just let the day do as it wants. Seems to do that anyways. LOL

That’s what the wife says about me. Hmm.