Morning chat Dec 20/2020

Good Morning!. It’s not so good a day outside this morning. We are at the moment having some freezing rain, which I suspect will change to mostly rain or flurries as the day progresses. On the good side of things it is a lot warmer with the temperature sitting at 0.5 C | 32.9 F. It will warm up even more, as the day moves forward. And the good news is the warmer weather will remain with us for two or three more days before cooling down. Highway 522 is partially snow covered with some icy sections throughout. So care should be taken if out and about. For my wife and I we don’t have anywhere, so we will be staying home. Yesterday I made a dump run so that is out of the way for a couple of weeks. Today I will work away on a podcast or two taking it a bit easy. Other than that … not much else happening in and around our small community. I should say it is small in people, but large in land mass LOL. With that I am off for my morning cup of tea with my lovely wife, and will then see what develops. You just never know what a day has in store. I am hoping all good. Take care, stay safe and look after yourself, family and friends.

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