Morning Chat March 2/2021

Good Morning! It’s a very cold morning here in Port Loring, Ontario. Cold enough to make a polar bear shiver. Including me when heading out to feed my shop stove and feed the birds. No birds though, and I am thinking they have more sense than I do. Staying where it’s warm. The temperature getting out of bed was sitting at -22.5 C | -8.5 F. Highway 522 is bare with a few icy sections here and there and the side roads are a real mess caused by the melting we had a couple of days ago, along with the rain. Put that together with a quick freeze, and there you have it. Yesterday I worked in the shop fixing up my large rototiller as it was having problems last fall. So after a bit of work and figuring on things it seems to be running fine now. I am going to be needing it come spring as I have a lot of projects that we want to do. Today I will clean up my mess once it warms up in there in a bit. Other than that not much happening in and around our small community these days. With the lock-down and not so good weather, everyone is staying put. Which is a good thing. An example would be North Bay with them staying closed down the rate of infection has dropped to only one case yesterday. Proof is in the puddin’ so to speak. Oh, there are some that like to complain about the closing down but in reality they are just a hand full, which doesn’t amount to anything. But fair is fair, I guess, as it is a free country in sort. With that I am off for my morning bowl of cereal with my lovely wife and will then see what the day has in store. Take care and stay safe. GW

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