Morning Chat May 20/2021

Good Morning! Well, it’s been a couple of days since my last post. The reason being my lovely wife and I have been extra busy working on some outside things. The weather has been nice other than a shower or two. This morning the temperature was sitting at16.7 C | 62.06 F. It will warm up a lot as the day moves forward. Actually it is going to get down right hot for a couple of days. On another note, the black flies have been real bad the past few days. Now the mosquitoes are starting to enter into the picture and this hot, damp, muggy weather will bring them out in droves. Not much we can do about it, as this is the north, and what will be, will be. Yesterday my wife and I went to town to pick up our groceries that we order online. It sure was busy with people moving around all over. So much for being closed down. While there we visited our son in his apartment parking lot. Dropped off a few things, had a chat and went to pick up a few vegetable plants that we ordered for our gardens. Which we will get to planting hopefully later on today. We will have to see what the weather is going to do. Boy are plants expensive this year. It seems that everyone is raising the prices on things relating it to the virus that is among us. Being as old as I am and not being fooled as much these days … I would say there is a lot of price gouging going on. Not a good thing and really there is no reason to be doing this. But … it is what some humans do. After we picked up our plants and had a chat with our son, we had our lunch in our car with a cup of coffee my wife made for us before we left and headed for home. Actually we had a great day. With that I am off for some bacon and eggs that my wife has made for me and will then get to mowing the lawn. Take care and stay safe.

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