Morning Chat, July 1/2021

Good Morning! And happy July 1st to you all. Boy, time is sure flying by these days. It’s a cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario. And we did have a touch of rain through the night. The good news weather wise is, we should be seeing some sunshine later on in the day and into tomorrow. We needed the rain, but now we need the sunshine, so folks can get outside and soak up some vitamin D 3, that pretty well everyone is low on these days. And being low on vitamin D can cause all kinds of problems health wise. Highway 522 is really busy these days with folks from all over coming into our small community. Extra care will have to be taken. Truth be told, we have more cases of this virus now in our midst here in the North than ever before. Reason being, a lot aren’t doing what they should be doing. It seems that now that they have had the vaccine, they think they are invincible. But they aren’t. There are 62 active cases, 57 in Nipissing. On another note, my lovely wife and I went to town yesterday to pick up our groceries that we order online, so we don’t have to go into any stores. The stores though were packed with people. Time will tell how we make out with all this going on. I just hope the virus doesn’t evolve into one that the vaccines can’t fix. As they are saying …. we really haven’t changed things that much yet because of the delta variant, and the fact is, the vaccines, with only one dose, are only about a 30 per cent efficacy. So a lot of people can still get really sick. Again, time will tell. While in town, we visited our son in his apartment’s parking lot and chatted for a bit from a distance. We then ate our lunch in our car and headed on home. We had a great day, actually. Other than my car needing a new battery, which my good friend Kerry here in town has ordered for us. I will get that put in today some time, after we finish up our mowing. With that, I am off for my morning bowl of cereal and will then get to work. Take care and stay safe. GW

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