COVID-19 vaccine

I have been asked My Thoughts on the vaccines:
You know, some folks still believe that this virus isn’t that bad. Even with all the evidence, along with the millions that have died from it. Makes me wonder how they can justify that in their minds. At any rate, it should be noted that there isn’t any way that we know of, in avoiding getting infected, whether you’re vaccinated or not. But. As hard as it is to believe by some, the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines only train your immune system to understand and recognize that it is under attack, and if and when the virus does enter your body, and your immune system is working well, it is then ready to attack this virus, and … in most cases you will survive; and we are relatively assured that we won’t have a lot of problems down the road away with other complications. If you’re not vaccinated, the chances of having serious problems or even death is greatly increased. Some say well … I had the virus, and it was about as bad as a cold. Well … you’re one of the lucky ones, but the thing is, later on after you have had the virus, they are now finding that those that didn’t get vaccinated and had the virus is now having some serious problems with other things like lung problems, heart problems and so on. Off course, the unvaccinated will have a come back and say … you could have the same things happen if you do have the vaccines. In respect to their thinking, they are right. But with all the evidence now coming out from all over the world, the vaccines have proven that they have saved millions and millions of lives and slowed things down. The next thing is that those that aren’t vaccinated now have a greater chance than ever before of getting the virus, as it is rapidly seeking them out. Why is that? Simply put, it is on survival mode, and it will do anything it has to do to survive and the only way it can do that is find those that aren’t vaccinated or mutate inside those that aren’t vaccinated. At any rate, no matter how you look at things and with all the evidence that is out there today. I am happy my wife and family, and me are vaccinated. I would sooner take a chance which is almost nil having the vaccine than lying in the hospital gasping for air or for that matter spreading it to others and maybe even killing someone. My Opinion Only. Take care and stay safe. GW

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