What’s happening? December 11/2021

Good Morning! It’s another cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. We did have a wee bit of rain through the night, but not much to speak of. However, with the temperatures rising it is melting a lot of our snow, which could cause some flooding for those in low laying areas. Highway 522 is wet but bare, for now. So I suspect if you have to go anywhere, you should be good to go. And these warm temperatures should remain with us for the next six days. Which will make it quite nice and will save on the oil or gas bill. The only problem with that is, that a lot of folks today save a bit here, and then spend it elsewhere, instead of putting it away. LOL, Sign of what our country is becoming. Truth be told, I think … this virus made a lot of people lazy, not wanting to work anymore. In saying that, why would they, as our Powers That Be, keeps handing it out. The thing that bothers me is, that I believe a lot of these huge corporations, along with some people, doesn’t need these hand outs. And the next thing is, I believe that most never pay it back. And no one does anything about it. Oh! They say. Might as well just write it off. Now in saying that, if the working man makes a mistake occasionally, I will say that again; the working man …. these Powers to be are all over them. Makes me shake my head. But I am thinking these folks that sit in there ….. looking down at others with their smug faces, will eventually be brought down to size. I believe the best way to handle things like this, is to let it run its course. Over the years, I have seen it time and time again. Those that take advantage eventually get their just rewards. And the best part about it is … I don’t or didn’t have to do anything but sit back and watch them take the fall. Anyway, that is my rant for this morning, LOL. Have a great day and stay safe, as the numbers are rising daily here in Ontario with this virus that is among us. More than ever now, you need to wear your mask and keep your distance.

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