Schools of today

At least two GTA school boards are warning students to prepare for a lump of coal this Christmas.

The reason for this is, if this virus gets going, which it will, then the kids might have to work from home. So what’s wrong with that? It’s funny how things have changed over the years, as when I was young, an announcement like the one above, would have made me the happiest kid around. But setting that aside … I honestly believe that most kids would be happy to be working from home today. Sure, there are a few that wouldn’t, but most I think would.

Taking this school thing one step further. I think we all need to realize, that this learning from home will eventually be the norm for most all countries. It’s the sign of the future. You can grumble and complain all you want, but it won’t change one thing, not in the long haul. At the moment it is all about money and jobs. In all honesty, most jobs will still be there, even if we eliminate going to school, meaning buildings, as the kids will still need supervision in the beginning. Kids are smart today, in a lot of ways, and a lot of that smartness hasn’t arrived through the way of schools. They have learned most of what they know on their own … online, or as some call The INTERNET. Can you imagine how much money, the Powers That Be, will save … if they sold all that land, and didn’t have to maintain all them buildings? I guess the next question would be. When it happens, and it will … where, and what will they spend the working man or woman’s money on? That’s the big question. I personally have a few ideas where it could go, if they are interested. My Opinion Only.

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