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Pacific tsunami threat wanes, but volcanic ash from the eruption hinders response.

So … most of us know the article above is related to an eruption of a volcano that happened a couple of days ago.

The thing that catches my attention, so to speak, is how they have to keep it on going. When actually it was, or is, no threat at all. They do that with a lot of things on the internet today.

Another example would be: An asteroid is heading toward earth. So immediately everyone has to have a look-see. I would. But when you do go to the site, you find out that, yes … it is heading in our direction, but they didn’t tell you, that it would pass earth by a million miles or more. But it doesn’t stop there, as when you click on that site, you just sent hundreds if not thousands of dollars to the sponsors of that site. Ha Ha. Hey, I am not saying it is the wrong thing to do … in part, as I do it all the time. But it does show you, how information, be it false or fact, can change a persons way of thinking. Truth be told, I believe that is how Facebook made its millions, along with other social media platforms.

Anyway, you have a great day. GW

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