Handing out the working man’s money

The former Ukrainian president says war can still be avoided, but says Canada needs to give them more aid. MONEY, Weapons and so on. Who is this guy?

Oh! This just on January 24/2022: Ukraine says thanks for the cash, but they’d prefer guns.

Give certain countries an inch, they take a mile. Heck, we just gave them 150 Million or so. Oh sorry, loaned them 150 million or so. That’s a knee-slapper in itself.

Giving any country money isn’t the answer in my eyes. I say. Support them with advice, food and clothing if needed and let things run its course. That is what some countries are doing. All this money we are handing out to other countries, we could be putting to good use right here in Canada. How about helping the homeless, housing, truckers, or our seniors. I know I sure could sure use a raise. And I would put it to good use right here in Canada. Another would be making our own vaccines right here at home.

You know, many years ago my old Dad told me. That a country, I won’t mention the name, asked for help. Knowing that, Canada started giving them money. We soon found out that wasn’t the answer. Then we decided to buy them equipment, so they could make their country better themselves. That didn’t work either, because as soon as we showed them how to operate the machinery … and left. They just went back to the way they were, and the equipment rusted away, not being used. Goes to prove, that some countries you can’t help.

We need to learn that interfering in their lifestyle, or trying to convert them, which is what some have been doing for years now, isn’t the thing to be doing. Just make’s me shake my head, seeing all the waste. But … then again, that’s what Canada is all about, always has been. I should say … that is what our Governments here in Canada are all about. I didn’t mean the working man.

Oh … alright, there are some Government officials I am sure that are on the right track. I just haven’t met them yet.

And one last thing that some forgets. The money that the Government has isn’t theirs. The money belongs to the people that make up this country that we call Canada, not them. But you wouldn’t know it by the way they are handing it out.

That’s my rant, or whatever, for the day. Now I am going for a coffee. I would have thought all that snow shovelling I just did would have cooled me down some. Ha Ha.

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