What’s happening On January 28/2022

Good Morning! It’s another cold morning here in Port Loring Ontario. However, the sun is shinning, which makes it look nice. Yesterday and through the night we had another 8-10 inches of snow. More in drifts. Actually, I have one drift in front of our house that is about three feet deep. Highway 522 is snow and ice covered, but the snowplow has been through. So being a sunny day, and if you have snow tires on, and your car will start … you’re good to go. Ha Ha.

Yesterday I worked most of the day here on some stories and things. Which kept me busy. Today, my lovely wife and I will be busy all morning cleaning out the driveway along with our decks. It shouldn’t be too bad, as the snow we had is on the lite side.

With that, I am off for a bowl of oatmeal and a piece of toast. Take care and stay safe. Seems every day more are dying from this virus. Yesterday it was over 70. If this keeps up, 2100 will be dying every month in Ontario alone.

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