Vitamin D3

You know, my wife son and I have been saying that Vitamin D3, plays a huge part in staying healthy now for over five years. Some have listened, some have not.

Now more evidence has been made showing that we were right. But it isn’t just good for helping out with this virus, it is also can help out with the normal cold and flu’s that are out there today. You could say that Vitamin D3 is like wearing an invisible mask.

Here is what they are saying;

Vitamin D’s role in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 has been long disputed by some experts for a long time now. But new research is saying that there is a possibility that Vitamin D3 levels has the ability to fend off severe COVID-19 symptoms, particularly associated with the Omicron variant. Furthermore, a new study suggest that those who were lacking vitamin D3 were a lot more likely to experience severe COVID-19 complications,

Food For Thought.

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