The Best Way To Make Banana Bread

Hi folks, my lovely wife made me some Banana Bread today. You know, a lot of people today are making Banana Bread the wrong way. For years now, these so-called experts are saying that you can use the Old Black Bananas to make the bread. Makes me laugh a bit, as years ago the lady that raised me used to say. “When Bananas are Black, they are Rotten.” And she would throw them out for the chickens to eat. Truth be told, she was right. The best bananas to use are when they are just starting to turn yellow, with a touch of green still in them. Also, they are much healthier for you, and a lot easier on the stomach. Give it a try sometime, you will be glad you did. Here is a picture of a loaf my wife made for me this morning. GW

Banana Bread

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