Old Wood Hold Secrets

Now, some folks might say that old used lumber is about as useful as a one-legged cat in a sandbox, but I beg to differ. Why, that old wood has got character and charm that you just can’t find in the shiny new stuff.

Sure, it might have a few knots and knotholes here and there, but that just adds to its rustic appeal. And let’s not forget about the stories that old lumber could tell if it could talk. Maybe it was once part of a grand old barn that housed a bunch of rowdy farm animals, or perhaps it was part of an old homestead that saw generations of families come and go.

So, if you’re in the market for some good ol’ fashioned character and charm in your next woodworking project, look no further than old used lumber. It may not be perfect, but then again, neither are we.

My wife and I, who work in the woodworking business, crafted some truly unique wooden items. For a period of time, we rented a building situated in a sawmill in St. Catharines, Ontario. There, I established my shop and set to work creating wooden furniture and other pieces for our stores located in Thorold and St. Catharines, Ontario.
During this time, my wife took orders, designed them, and I brought them to life in the shop. One of the best aspects of having a shop in a sawmill was the unlimited supply of lumber that was readily available to me. Whenever I needed it, all I had to do was step outside, and I was surrounded by it.
On one occasion, I stumbled upon twenty piles of aged lumber that had been sitting there for over thirty years. Upon inquiring about it, Steve, the owner of the mill, revealed that his father had cut it many years before, and it had been abandoned ever since. Although he expressed his doubts, he allowed me to take it for myself.
A few days later, as I began to remove the top boards, which were of no use, I soon discovered a treasure trove further down the pile. I was ecstatic to find a beautiful yellow-colored wood that had aged gracefully and was full of character.
I utilized this lumber for almost all my orders, and it turned out to be the most successful year we ever had at the stores. I made the most of every piece of lumber, even the smaller ones that most people would have discarded.
I saved these smaller pieces and eventually utilized them to craft checkerboards and chessboards. These boards, made with a combination of the darker and lighter wood, were a huge hit with customers, and I sold a significant number of them.
New wood may be easily available, but it lacks the unique character of the old and weathered wood, with its nail holes, wormholes, cracks, and color. To me, the old lumber is like a wise old man, waiting patiently for his wife to return from shopping and reveal all the new treasures she has bought.

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