Foreign Students In Canada

Well, back in my day, Canada was a land of opportunity, but we always believed in helping our own first. Times were tough, and our priority was taking care of our citizens and ensuring that those who were hurting had the support they needed. We had folks struggling to find jobs, provide for their families, and put a roof over their heads.

Bringing in such a large number of international students in a single year, like those 900,000 the news is talking about for 2023, well, that raises concerns for some of us who remember when our own people were in need. It’s not that we’re against welcoming people from around the world – diversity is a great thing – but it’s important to strike a balance.

If we’re not careful, this influx of international students could be seen as a back door for more people to enter Canada without addressing the needs of our own citizens first. We worry that jobs might become even scarcer, housing prices could keep rising, and resources could become even more strained. It’s essential that we ensure our citizens have stable jobs, affordable housing, and access to healthcare and education before we bring in large numbers of newcomers.

I remember a time when communities were tight-knit and everyone looked out for each other. We need to make sure that tradition doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. So, my concern isn’t just about the number of international students coming in – it’s about making sure we’re taking care of our own while still extending a welcoming hand to those who want to call Canada home. After all, a strong and prosperous Canada can be a beacon of hope for people worldwide, but we can’t forget about our own people who are struggling right here and now.

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