The Sound of an Owl In The Early Morning Hours

Years ago, when my friend Grey Wolf was alive, I heard an owl outside my bedroom window on the farm. And early this morning at 2:30 AM I heard the same sound once again. I remember asking him what he thought it meant.

He said: George, when you hear an owl hoot early in the morning, it’s more than just a bird making noise. For us old-timers, and especially for those who follow Native wisdom as I do, it’s a sign, full of deeper meaning.

Owls have always been symbols of wisdom and mystery. They seem to know things hidden from our eyes. Native traditions say that owls carry the spirit of wisdom and intuition. Hearing an owl in the early morning is like receiving a message from deep within yourself. It’s as if the owl is urging you to trust your gut feelings, especially when making important decisions.

Some believe that an owl hooting in the morning means it’s time for a fresh start. Maybe it’s telling you to let go of old habits and welcome new opportunities. It often signifies change and growth, hinting that you’re about to go through a personal transformation.

For those connected to the spiritual world, an owl’s call at dawn can be a comforting sign. In many Native American traditions, the owl is a messenger from the spirit world. This might mean that unseen forces are protecting you and guiding you. The owl’s call can be a reminder that your ancestors are watching over you, offering their wisdom and support.

When you hear an owl early in the morning, take a moment to pause and think. Native wisdom teaches us to be thankful for such messages. It’s a gentle reminder to listen to your inner wisdom and stay open to the guidance of the universe.

Remember, the owl’s call is a powerful symbol. It’s telling you to trust yourself, embrace change, and know that you are never alone. The next time you hear that hoot, let it remind you of these simple truths and the rich traditions that see the owl as a bridge between worlds.

You know… after Grey Wolf told me his thoughts, for most of my life I paid attention to feelings and things around me, and I have to say it has paid off. I am thinking early this morning, it was another gentle reminder, that maybe I should be paying more attention to what is going on around and within me, and to take more heed in my intuitions. As it seems strange that the sound of the night came to me at the same time as it did…. many years ago. GW

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